Flowers of Maui

I wasn’t intending to work on vacation but I love these gorgeous photos from our adventure to the botanic gardens, a protea farm and a lavender farm on Maui this week. 

So many of the items I photographed are available in Denver  in cut bunches at our wholesaler. It was awesome, how ever, to see them in their natural state, growing in abundance. There are a few blooms that we would love to work with but can not import (like plumeria) as they are only happiest here, on the branch. 

The flowers available to us include (but are not limited to) numerous types of proteas and protea foliage, kangaroo paw, various orchids, bromeliads, agapanthus, anthuriums, gomphrena, dusty miller, ti leaves, heliconia, birds of paradise and fern shoots.  I also snuck in a few photos of my little peanut, Bennett and a local lizard named Jordan. 


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