Celebrating Jenny

Jenny is about to have her second baby and this time she is expecting a little boy! Her two-year-old daughter Zoe is bound to be a wonderful big sister. We are so excited for she and Seth’s new arrival, but with this excitement comes a little bit of sadness as Jenny will now be staying home with her kiddos and not joining us in the studio weekly. Jenny has been a part of the Plum Sage team since the early years… she has alternated between being a part time and full time employee and has created numerous beautiful events, making many brides very happy on their big day.

It all began when a mutual friend recommended Jenny to help out and she willingly joined me for a wedding delivery at the Roaring Fork Club in Aspen in the summer of 2006. This is a gorgeous arch, no?!? I agree, but what I think of when I see this photo are the gale force winds occurring during set-up that caused Jenny and I to hold on to our balance (not to mention the flowers) and articles of clothing while we teetered on a ladder to adhere the blooms to this 12 plus foot structure. After a great struggle, it looked amazing, and just as we finished we were informed the wedding would be relocated indoors (no doubt due to the weather) and it needed to come down. Without complaint Jenny helped me to take it all down, load it on a golf cart, and race across the grounds to the new ceremony location (now driving against the crazy blowing winds). We arrived only to be told within twenty minutes that the ceremony would actually take place at the arch and it needed to be redecorated. I figured out on this day very quickly that Jenny not only was a hard worker and a great sport, but she had a good sense of humor in the face of stress.  We spent a lot of time laughing while we climbed up high to adhere the flowers once again to create this beauty.

Fast forward a few years, this is one of my favorite photos of Jenny. This is from the Wednesday market in Cherry Creek, where we were picking up locally grown product to use for weekly orders and wedding work. Can you spot her cute little smile above the mound of color?!

In the years that followed, Jenny has been one of the best designers for Plum Sage. She has created dozens of bouquets and arrangements, but was the mastermind behind two particularly gorgeous weddings that were featured on Style Me Pretty…

Jason and Theresa

Sarah and Stuart

On a personal note, Jenny lead a team of girls to create my beautiful wedding flowers in June of 2008 in Tabernash. I returned the favor for her wedding in August of 2009 in Keystone. She was a gorgeous bride!

We both were at each other’s bachelorette parties too… those memories are awesome yet those photos are not exactly content appropriate. These are pretty tame but we were feeling good! (Note, ski shots are messy).

Fast forward again, Jenny was one of the hosts of my baby shower when I was pregnant with Bennett and created these adorable caterpillar arrangements. I returned the favor when she was pregnant with Zoe with the cute owl mug pieces.

I have no doubt that Jenny will always be a part of the Plum Sage family and will return to create beautiful things when time allows. We will miss seeing her weekly but know that her kids will be so happy to have her home with them. This week we celebrate her and her pending arrival with so many good wishes for her! A huge THANK YOU to Jenny to all of the hours and hard work she has put in to make Plum Sage what it is today. She has a few fun surprises coming her way this week as we plan to celebrate her as she well deserves!

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